Girl advice needed. Thanks to anyone who can give their insight on this whole situation because it's driving me up a wall to even think about it!!!

Ok, So i met this girl at work at my 2nd job working nights at a college she's 22. she doe's catering and i work in the dish room. Well one day i asked if we could chill out of the blue. In she gave me her number, She tells me she spends a lot of her time in church settings and i told her i was a christian anyway. so we went to church a couple of times together an to a movie or two, out to eat. Well one night she took me to a play at the college and then she told me she had to study afterwards well that didn't happen she ended up coming to my apartment for pizza and a movie she ended up spending the night with me. As the time goes on we ended up spending more time together she even ended up getting me to volunteer at at church with her and took me to work with her that night. She runs a movie lounge at the college. She even showed up behind my apartment building unannounced where there is a track at. Well i had just gotten to the college gym to workout an she texts me that she's behind my house at the track and to meet her there. Anyway Sunday after service we're walking and i grab her hand and she tells me you know i'm leaving next month right. I took it and kissed it before kissing her. she kissed me bk. We talked about us an how she didn't want a boyfriend for least a yr because she's going on a mission to Ky for a yr. Now i'm kissing her as she's telling me this. We ended up agreeing that i'd kinda b a boyfriend in waiting. Well the next day everything was okay. then she started to go cold even though we still talk. one day i saw she put a picture on fb with some guy and i asked her about it an she flipped out on me saying he's the best friend she's been telling me about and he had a girlfriend and i deleted her because i didn't want to see the pic. Anyway we talked again she even added me again online. Even invited me to her going away party. The thing is im wondering did she ever really like me even though we still talk sometimes.the party is this wknd


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  • I think she was trying to unattached to you. She is leaving so to make it better for the both of you she is trying to push you away. I think the guy on fb, I could be wrong, is really her friend. She is leaving so why would she hook up with another guy? And the fact that she gave you her number right away can mean that she has liked you for some time and has been waiting for either an opportunity or for you to make the first move., I am also a christian so her connection with you when she found out you were a christian as well really impacted her and made it a better and more enticing choice to be with you. I think she blew up because she felt like you were threatening her integrity and was mad because of that. What I suggest is to stay in contact as much as you can when she is gone. You only have a year to wait. And when she comes back she will want even more to be with you.

    • she'll be living in new jersey when she comes back. i live in md but that doesn't matter to me. it still hurt to see another on her wall and then hear her tell me it's her fb to do as she pleases. An it is but the fact remains i told her i cared for her an then i see a picture of her and a guy. What am i suppose to think but that my chance with her was finished.

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    • Thank you i will make everything right the best way i can. thing thing that i don't understand is why would you wanna try to get unattached to someone you really liked regardless of distance. That really shouldn't matter.

    • It is because she does not want to hurt you so she things this will hurt you the least.

  • It definitely seems like she liked you, but she might not have the feelings anymore. People lose feelings for each other all the time, so don't feel so horrible. She's experiencing new things. It's like the old saying "if you love someone set them free. If they don't come back, they were never yours"


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