Why make a girl wait when texting?

Guys why do you make a girl wait when she texts you?


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  • So he doesn't come off as needy and clingy.

    • Why do you guys think we would think you guys are needy or clingy? To be honest it makes us think you guys are being an a** hole, or you guys are playing games!

    • It comes off needy due to the fact that it seems he just sits next to the phone with nothing to do but to answer texts. Not all guys do it btw. Some guys are genuinely busy, and some guys might not be into the girl.

    • Yep makes sense! Thanks.

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  • Because a text is (by definition) not important.

    If it was important, she would have made a phone call.

  • To drive her crazy.

    Lol nah jk we gotta do it though. We have to make sure we don't seem too desperate which is very crucial to attract a girl.

    • Well I can tell you sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't work.
      At the moment it is driving me crazy but it's also kind of gives me mixed signals at the same time!
      He texts an hour or hour and a half later and then puts a ;) on a lot of his sentences.

      What do you think? Is he playing the game?

      But when were face to face he wants to talk to me, comes up to me every time he sees me!

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    • Lol ok. Well good luck to u. I hope u get him ;)

    • Thanks :)

  • Because we have more interesting shit to do than just stare at our phones all day.

    • I've heard guys can respond later on purpose so they don't seem needy, would you do that? I'm getting different opinions and just can't figure out which is right! I realise some don't play silly games but do guys play games if they like a girl to get the girl thinking more about the guy?

    • It's true, most guys won't respond right away because they think it makes them look needy.

      Life's to short, and when I'm excited to talk to someone I just am, so I don't play that game.

      Also, regardless of whether or not they appear needy doesn't change the fact that they are. So why pretend?

    • Yep well said! :)
      So when a guy does respond and he puts a ;) with his sentences I take it as his interested?

  • my girl dont even reply to my texts, if that. I get a reply 3-4 days later


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  • Let the courting games begin. I would say, if he responds within a hour or two...then there is most likely nothing to worry about...bonus points for smileys.