What does it mean if my boyfriend isn't telling me he's with another girl?

I recently changed jobs and my boyfriend has been unemployed for quite some time. He's become friends with a girl we go to school with and there's been some problems between us involving her since she likes him and for a period he liked her too. They even kissed while we were broken up. I found out today that he saw her last week while I was at work. He never told me though, and we established that it's fine to be with her, I would just like to know about it. What do you think it means if he didn't tell me he saw her?


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  • i think this means, that he is trying to get clear about his feelings. i think he has not yet decidet between the both of you...

    • I don't get how he could not have decided if he's telling me he loves me and has very serious future intentions with me...

    • well let me put it this way: if you didn´t have to worry at all, he wouldn´t have kept it secret. but don´t freak out. could also be, that it was spontaneous, not worth mentioning to him or he just doesn´t want to account for who whe meets...

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  • It probably means that he knows you're going to explode, regardless and he doesn't want a fight.


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