She might be interested but can't tell?

So I have been texting with this girl for a while now. We met up for coffee the past Sunday it went good had fun talked for a while. Now that we are back from school we have more time to hang out. When we do text she replies with in 2 mins of me texting her even if i don't respond for an hour or more. She was talking about how she has never been mudding and I said you should come with me next time I go. Witch I think is good if she didn't like me in any way then she probably would have said no. I want to ask her out but I don't know when i have time to. Do you guy think she maybe interested in me? Also what would you think would be the best way to ask her out over text or phone call?


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  • I think you should go for it! If you really want her... and hey, she seems to at least find you very nice, too. What do you have to lose?
    Also, you should ask her out personally, even if it's "old-fashioned". In my opinion, that would be the best way.


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