Crazy about this guy with a gf?

This guy is 23, he has been with his his gf for 1 year and a half. We met at a party, spent the whole night together just talking and laughing, hours passed by without us seeing it! After that amazing text from him :"we have to see each other again".
After that 2 months of him invinting me to happenings, parties, basically everytime he was out, even with his gf sometimes (whom I spoke to several times).
One party he was w/o his gf : he took me in his arms, kissed my head, adviced/asked (?) me to stay in our city (I have the project to go in Asia), told me it was going to have a lot more of parties where we will see each other etc...
He presented his videos at a gig, he was with many friends and it was his night so I didn't bother him but at midnight text from him :"did I come? What have I been thinking of the show? Did I like it?"

So there is a lot of clues he likes me and probably think of me at least as a friend.

But then he stopped texting me, no news from him in a month, I send him one text he didn't reply to.

I'm going crazy because at 26 I have never felt that before (and I have had serious long term relationship before so its for real guys!!). What do you think should I do? What is happening to him?

please and thank you for your enlightening answers :)


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  • You should have stayed away as soon as you found out he has a gf.


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