What does this really mean? i can't just think?

So i went out on this date last Saturday night for drinks and came home for a movie. During the time we did make out on the first date. We lost track of time so lol! now the other day i don't think it was a date but it maybe was we were hanging out at his place. I wanted to introduce him to Elementary he like it but then we did make out which got from the couch to the room. It was his first real makeout session before! So he told me he had to remote to what happened the other night. I want to hang out with him again and i guess i haven't heard from him back see if he wanted to go bowling? but we've known each other for a while but he finally asked me out but then I don't know why it feels weird because we have this phyicial connection to each other. Are we ready to be bf & gf or just see how it goes for now and then desiced if it is that time to start taking it to the next step? I am sorry i am all over the place but i need help with this!


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  • It seems like you guys enjoy eachothers company a lot and obviously want to be intimate with one another so there's no way this could be a bad idea in my opinion

    • But I don't want to hurt his feelings if somewhere in the long run the bf & gift comes through.

    • I mean this has happened in the past I've never been on an actual date where the man takes me out. I mean we're going bowling Sunday! That's ok right.

    • So your saying it's a good your opinion I'm sorry I talked to him this afternoon. I had to re-read your answer a few times lol

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