How long should she wait to date again?

A friend of mine just got out of a long term relationship with her boyfriend and wants others oppinions in this question.Shes sad about the break up, but she said it was best to see other people.She doesn't want to immediately because it was only about a week ago, but she would like to know from others when was best for them?


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  • Well either she is telling herself she is ready because she doesn't want to be alone, or she just wants a warm body to be there. She needs to figure out how she is, where she is before she just goes on and starts dating around. I've been that guy where I meet a girl, things go well. Things get serious and then I find out she isn't over her ex and she wants to step back. Things never get back on track after that. You have to be in a good place mentally and emotionally before getting involved with someone. Im not saying perfect, but remember you are dealing with other people's feelings. If you are considerate of their feelings it shows a lot about you. If you are just going out with people for the sake of going out and not really worried about what happens. IE you just want someone and dont care who, then thats not right. Personally your friend needs time to get herself together, or she really is just blowing smoke up your ass about being sad about breaking up with her bf. Get her to be straight with you and come clean.


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  • I always say that people need time WITH THEMSELVES! Tell your friend to stay single. Get into some extracurricular activities. Hang out with some other friends of her. If she spends time with herself, she might be surprised at how much she'll learn.

  • Why didn't she just ask it then lol. When she is over the guy and not looking for a rebound, she should be able to tell at least that much.


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