Is it normal for my friend with benefits to talk to me about his ex?

Basically I've known this guy for about 3 years and when we first starting seeing each other (2 years ago) we were really good mates, confided in each other about almost everything and we both got feelings for each other but it didn't work out and he moved away for work. About a month ago he's come back and over the years we've both had different goals and commitments so we've agreed to just be friends with benefits. We're both seeing other people on the side so we both know how it works.

Anyway every time I've gone to his we lay in bed, cuddle etc and we just talk about our future etc, people we're seeing and he's opened up to me about his ex. Is this normal for a guy to do this? I can understand if he's just confiding in me because we know so much about each other but i'm just curious if anyone else has experienced this?


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  • Yes, it is normal for a guy to do this and you can evern have sex with him it would not cause any problem I assure.
    People look at sex with different prospective but it is the best stress removal, you feel relax and calm after sex and get a lot of pleasure.
    After sex you would feel even good to do work.


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