How do you deal with people who are getting cheated on but still stay with their partners?

How do you react when you see that they are having problems again because of the cheating.

For example your friends, family or even coworkers that are your friends.


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  • i have a friend whos boyfriend has cheated on her (through sexting and such) multiple times and she's still with him. She has also cheated on him (physically, mentaly, and through sexting) and he's still with her. Both of them know that theyve cheated on eachother (although he is not aware of the mental part) yet they refuse to break up. myself and others have told her repeatedly to end things yet she refuses, and the same goes for the guy. They are both so miserable together yet they absolutely ignore everyone who tries to help them and all their advice. All of her and his friends have pretty much given up on saying aything or getting involved in the realtionship because it never gets anywhere and they just cause drama for themselves. They are way too attatched and reliant on eachother that they won't let go. At this point, for me, its just an irritating thing that i try to ignore. in a normal relationship however, if someone cheated, i would immediatley encourage a break up because cheating is probably the worst thing you can do and its not right.


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  • I have a zero tolerance policy regarding cheating.

    People need to learn to control themselves.


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  • I might express my opinion on it to them (i.e, they should leave, get help, etc.) if they open up to me about it…otherwise, I just let them live their own lives. It's technically none of my business, after all.