Do you think I still have a chance with him (My ex)?

My ex and I had broken up last month but we were still talking and everything as if we were still going out. For some reason he said we shouldn't hangout, hug or play around anymore. Then after that we just completely fell out. Everything changed he didn't text me at all anymore (unless i text first he'll text back right away, I'd usually wake up to his text), we didn't talk anymore even though we have two classes together, we acted as if we didn't know each other ( he would say hi but I'd never notice after a while he stopped because he said I made him feel stupid), and he wouldn't let me touch him or anything. I did ask him if he still likes me he just said "NO" but for some reason I really don't believe him. He'd still hug me and everything as if he cared. I told him i don't like him either which I lied. but when we are in class and I'm having fun talking to my friends he just stares. Also he's close to one of my friends ( they don't like each other i know it for a fact) he always texts and hangs out with her, all they do is talk about me, she told me. She also told me that he still likes me and he tells me everything opposite from what he tells her. Yet i don't believe it, I could be wrong. Also i noticed that he walks almost everyday past where me and my friends our locker he never says anythings though, I find it suspicious. I really don't get him but i want him back so badly, What should I do?


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  • tell him how you feel and discuss the reasons you broke up in the first place

    • He gets annoyed when I talk about that, I honestly don't know why

    • well if you can't talk about the reason you first broke up, starting the relationship will not work, you have to have communication in a relationship

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