I found out the real reason why she doesn't want to be committed is it weird that I want to keep trying?

My friends all say I should just drop her and move on but I liked her for way too long. We were flirting but not really together when I was going to leave town to move in with my dad. I was in somewhat connection with her when she got a boyfriend. I did not know the feelings were mutual when I left but when I left town and asked her to go steady she said "I wish you asked sooner because I'm taken now.". They were pretty serious so I felt pressured to move on and I began dating this girl at my school who liked me. Things were going great but I felt bad because I wanted her to be the other girl so bad. Once her boyfriend dumped her I was there to comfort her. She was a hot mess he left her because he wanted to explore other choices since she was just his first. I eventually decided to leave my girlfriend for her because I was sick of pretending. I did move back to town two years later (a few months ago) to take care of my mom because she was diagnosed with cancer. So the girl and I were flirting again nothing too serious and we went on dates and whatever. She never wanted to smash though reasonable and I understood. Before (2 years ago) she told me if she was ever single again we would smash but people change she did change and grow up. And then when I asked her to be my girlfriend she just kissed my cheek and said no. It was because she knows if her ex ever came back she would jump to him. It's fun what we are doing but she doesn't want to do anything serious. She still fully loves him and likes me. Everyone's telling me to drop her and I know he loved her and might come back but I really like her and crave for her affection.


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  • She kissed you and said no. Is that not clear to you? Stop trying to win her to be your gf. She likes you to be her boyfriend (past), as her guy friend (present). You knew already she still loves him and you knew she changed and grew up. How about you? You need to change and grow up too, she found other guy than you. Why can't you find other girl than her? I guess you need to keep yourself busy, accept the reality, move on and have self-control.

    • I dont know why I can't seem to move on from her tried and all

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