Gift ideas to get my boyfriend for our 1 month?

Our one month is coming up and I'm just interested in some ideas of what I could get him? I probably wouldn't want to spend much more than $100


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  • Wow, 100 dollars is quite a lot for a one month gift in my opinion. I never gave one month gifts, because then I could give a gift every month and to me it would make it less special. How about you give him something small to begin with? If you have some pictures of you two already, make a little photobook and leave the last pages open with "to be continued...". I know it sounds cheesy but I do think it's a sweet gift.

    • Yea I was even contemplating maybe not getting anything and just baking cupcakes or something but then I think I would feel bad if he got me something and I didn't get him anything... Although the photo book is actually a really cute idea

    • What if you got him something but he didn't get you a gift? I'd make it small and not spend over 20 dollars to be honest...

    • Thanks for most helpful! Hope you find him something nice :)

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  • How about a intimate kiss...


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  • A new girlfriend.

    Seriously, what is up with girls celebrating meaningless things. A month is NOTHING. It signifies nothing and the fact that you would celebrate it by getting an expensive gift for him reeks of crazy.
    What exactly are you celebrating? The fact that you're here asking what to get him highlights the fact that you know nothing about your man. You have no idea what his likes and hobbies are, otherwise you would have many ideas about what to get him.

    For heaven's sake, your question doesn't even specify anything about him other than he's a guy and that you've been together for about a month.

    How are complete strangers on the internet supposed to help you pick out a present having only his penis to go by?

    Or are you looking to get him a gender based gift? A watch, fancy pen or some other boring "man" gift he'll never use, but still keep just to be polite.

    "Happy 1 month anniversary!" is already a stereotype about obsessed crazy girlfriends.
    Don't top it off with a generic "man present", if you insist on this ridiculous celebration.

    But my advice is: don't do it - you'll only come off as an overly attached girlfriend. He will most likely think you're obsessed and dump you.

    • I'm with you but let's just replace the word anniversary with mensiversary. It being the word for a monthly celebration and all..

      Sorry. Big pet peeve of mine.

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    • Agreed, I do find monthly celebrations strange.

    • It's like they expect it not to last too long, so they're counting the length by months rather than years.

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