My boyfreind calls me annoying because of my texts and calls. He's fed up, what do I do?

so recently I know iv become really annoying with the texts and the calling and such to my boyfriend where its to the point he's fed up. yesterday I guess he got really annoyed after I texted him like 5 times he's like I can't take it anymore your so annoying we might be done. I was like wow so I sent him another text saying let me tell you one thing and I explained that I will stop and all I want are simple texts or calls from him everyday is that too much to ask for you know. I also said some other things but that would make this too long. so after I sent it I haven't texted him since then that was yesterday at like 3p.m. I haven't been able to sleep or anything and all iv been doing is crying I don't know what to do. I want to text him should I just saying hi or no? and we have been going out for 11 months already I don't want this to end ant advice on what to do and has anyone ever had this experience as well


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  • Just stop calling and texting him for a while. It's that easy.


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  • it's the most annoying thing


    you think a guy don't have anything to do but sitting there and replying to his gf's texts!

    stop texting or calling for a while

    he'll text don't worry

    maan I hate the texting game

    so annoying


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  • Just leave it alone for awhile and find something to get your mind off him it helps. he'll text, youve been together for 11 months s if it bothered him very much he would of told you sooner