Am I expecting too much too soon, or are these signs he's just not that into me?

I went out with this guy twice. The second time we spent the whole day together, he even cooked me dinner. I felt that things were going great, there was lots of PDA and I could tell he was attracted to me. We have been intimate. I am just worried because he said he was going to be super busy for the next two weeks with exams and work and going away for the long weekend. He made several comments about seeing one another again on our date and even mentioned it should be on a weekend when were both not rushed. The only thing is he didn't text me all week, not even to say hey. I texted him last night to see if he would reply and he did but the convo was very short and replied with one lines. I'm wondering if I just got played or my expectations are too high and I should respect that he is busy and believe that he wants to see me again, even tho we haven't made concrete plans.


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  • I think you shouldn't worry so much, honey. What if he's actually really busy? If he really likes you, things will get back to their place as soon as you two have enough time for each others again. Be patient. Maybe you can even express your feelings about this to him: What about texting him you miss spending time with him or having long chats with him? That you're sad you don't talk to each others that often at the moment?
    Just don't let it bring you down so much... x

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