Is it bad texting habit or he doesn't mean what he said? I am confused. Gentlemen, please help me here.?

We went out on a couple dates and everything was great. We got along very well. He told me that he was going to be busy on the weekend, because his friends came to visit him from other countries. I told him I had a few events (parties) that I needed to be there and show some face on the weekend, so I would be busy, too. At the end of the night, he asked me if he could be the "last one" in my life because he was totally into me. I got quiet because I just couldn't believe what I just heard and I needed more time to observe his behaviours and get to know him a bit more. But then we had sex, and he sent me a text the next day that he had a great time and happy that he got to know more about me. And he suggested that we should do something like hiking next time.

I know he would be busy on the weekend, so I didn't text him. I got "miss you" message on Saturday and I replied with a smile. He went out with his friends on Saturday and he asked me to let him know where I went. When I got home, I sent him a text that I got home and wished him a great night rest. Then, no replies from him for a day.

What bothers me is I can deal with it if he loses contact after sex. I know what it means. But he texted after we had some intimacy and told me he missed me after he went out. He just disappeared on me afterwards. Then why would he bother to send those sweet texts if he just wants sex? Is it bad texting habit or he doesn't mean what he said that he is really into me and he wants to be my last one? I am so confused...


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  • YOU are the one not dancing here, not him.
    He was clearly interested (as visitors allowed him time) in your events but you did not fully respond (b/c = BS; you had a reason but who else would know that's why you went quiet again?)

    He was using his "free time" wisely, knowing he would soon be monopolized - as he warned you. So we was but now you want him to continue broadcasting when busy... to whom? You're really not there except for a smiley face... and "got home" instead of sharing all the events prior, as requested.

    He seems to be on track with being good to you
    You are standoffish in action, so better explain to him if this extends to mind/emotions/spirit ASAP - begin by calling him to compare weekend activity notes

    • Thank you for answering my question. He didn't invite me out with his friends, either and I didn't know where he was. Those events that I went to were my company's cocktail parties and team gathering. I can't just bring someone along with me, so that was the reason why I didn't invite him. I was at the place I said I would be for the entire night, so literally there was nothing I could tell him about. I wasn't all standoffish. I did say to him he was too good to be true. I am not trying to play games. I just find dating scary and difficult and sometimes I don't know how to react. I am just afraid that he may be one of those men who want to have sex but they don't even care about hurting my feelings. Does he sound like one to you? I feel a bit neglected and it makes me harder to express my feelings, because I certainly don't want to chase a player and make a fool of myself.

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    • Phone, text, whatever gets to him ASAP and tell him - I'm am SO glad all my distractions have FINALLY evaporated! NOW I can spend more time with you & being more communicative, attentive. So WHAT have YOU been doing, how did that busy (for both of us) weekend turn out? GOOD?

    • Thank you so much for helping me. I do appreciate your advice.

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