Girls do I stand a chance with this girl at all?

I was introduced to this girl last fall by her father who is a friend of my father and has been for a few years.

I am attracted to her but am shy I think her father is hoping that I will make an effort to ask her out at some point. As far as I know she's never had a bf which is good because I have never had a gf either. She's also an only child. She is 20 and I am 22 we both live with our parents.

She's very slim and extremely pretty. Her family are extremely wealthy and they live in a million dollar plus home, both parents don't work as they don't really have to. She works a steady job and earns around $25k a year. Her main hobby is travelling the world visiting Europe with her best friend.
I on the other hand come from a more modest background. I am average at best. We live in a nice house. I am university educated and am currently self-employed and earn around $12500 a year although I have $40k in savings as I don't waste money, I do some volunteer work at a local museum a couple of days a week to keep busy. I am looking for a career whilst doing this as I realise it can't be permanent.
My main hobbies include collecting/restoring antique bicycles/cars etc, cycling and reading etc I would like to travel but can't afford to take the time off work at present.
Am I good enough for her? Should I make a move on her? Would it have a chance of working out?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • What you do or where you come from doesn't base in having a relationship with someone or making things work. It's about who you are as an individual and how well you connect with the other person. Your personality, your interests, goals, dreams are what make you a unique individual and that's what is attractive to someone. When you have interests in life than just money, it's beautiful to know that there's an actual human being on this planet. Be yourself and share you with her. It won't hurt to try to have a relationship. You don't have to be her boyfriend right away. You can date as friends and let things take its course slowly getting to know each other since it would be yours and her first time getting to know someone in a courtship. Be understanding, honest, loyal and communicative because it helps a lot. Communication is key for friends, family and couples. She'll like you because you sound like a great person have interests so I think it can work. If you feel that you should then make a move, don't be pressured to do something that you don't want to do. It's okay to be shy but also have some courage to take a step further if you want to pursue her, she'll either want to be your friend, go on a date or not want to do either of those ideas bit it' doesn't hurt to try. If you get turned down then wait for the next one and continue your life. I believe that you have a chance though so I say that you should give it a shot.
    Good luck. :D

    • Thanks for your reply, the best yet! I was just a little worried that I may not be good enough for her. She could have her pick of guys if she wanted to. She's a cool person and she's drop dead gorgeous too.

    • Trust me if she found someone then she wouldn't be available but she is. So that guy could be you, she hasn't met somebody special yet and I think you have more of a chance then you give yourself credit for.

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What Girls Said 5

  • You sound like you would be a great catch and that the two of you might balance each other out nicely. The worst that happens is she says no.

  • Definitely ask her, money means nothing. Women would much rather have a wonderful guy than an asshole with a lot of money, trust me.

    • there's just such a difference in our lives. I get on with her mum and dad well, they are very nice people

  • You should try to at least talk to her and get to know her. You never know. Money isn't everything

  • go for it!!!

  • Lol UR Lucky to be earning that much... But yeah you should try to make a move with this girl if you like her.


What Guys Said 1

  • I know you aren't asking me, since I'm a guy, but of course you have a chance. why wouldn't you think you do?

    • well, if you break out of your shell, you'll have a chance. But if you stay shy forever, the % is greatly decreased!

    • Appreciate your input, thanks! The problem is were both shy so it may take some time

    • I understand, believe me. But someone has to start making moves and chances are it won't be as shy girl.

      I always ask people this when they're in this situation. Which would you feel better about?

      - never doing anything and never getting w/ her? Always wondering "what if?"
      - making a move and her rejecting you? And at least knowing you did something about it?

      I'm not saying you should go for the kill ASAP. I know these things can take time. But inaction could be the greatest disservice you do to yourself.