Texting a girl who is sort of family, day and night... I told her how I like her and she said she didn't mean for me to feel that way. Is she lying?

I have been talking to a Pakistani girl who is distance related to me, we've been texting each other every day and night just talking and over time I have developed feelings for her. I have dropped subtle hints that I find her very beautiful and that I enjoy talking to her. She began talking to me 1st and she also isn't afraid to text me first thing in the morning.. As do I. A week ago we were talking about relationships and she told me things she hasn't told anyone else before as well as how she hasn't really come across genuine guys in the past. It was then that I told her that I like her and she said she didn't know I did. She was severely apologetic and that she didn't mean to make me feel this way. But she didn't say she did or didn't feel the same way. She said she has been stressed and confused with guys in the past that has resulted in her not considering relationships for a long time. What is going on? Did I freak her out? Does she genuinely not feel the same way? I haven't spoke to her since that night and I miss her. I don't know what to do. Forget her or give her time? So much has happened between us that all indicated she did like me. Her family doesn't know we talk. We saw each other at a fan ly party that same week and she was texting me! Wtf?


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  • Most likely i dont think she is :( i would give her time and have her start communication because then she is the one doing the chasing and distance makes the heart grow fonder.

    • Sorry didn't mean to downvote new to this site. Most of my friends have said the same thing with regards to time. She's sent me pictures of herself when I didn't ask as well as when I did. :-( what girl who isn't really a gamer starts a convo asking the ps4?

    • well she might i just think that she is confused and needs time and trust me it doesn't help if u chase her... you will only push her away

    • I've texted her morning beautiful and morning gorgeous.. I sed to her goodnyt I can't wait to see her tmoro at the party and she replied night :)
      How cud she possibly not know that I liked her.

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