What would make you respond to an online dating post and what would make you move on to the next?

Aside from the pictures... What do you look for in an online dating post? Are there certain things that "scare you off" in the profile or when e-mailing? Are there certain things that would grab your interest in a profile or e-mail?


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  • Make me respond?
    ..Everyone is single
    ..Their fav to-do lists match up exactly with mine - (response would include seeing what %percentage BS that was)
    ..Blonde, green eyes, cute nose, triceps, flat abs (ability to work on mine to get them same), boobs, calves
    ..Explanation why the hell they would consider someone comparatively inferior like me... unless they are laugh junkies
    ..Interesting - conversation = long term relationship
    ..Sexually uninhibited monogamist


What Girls Said 1

  • "I'm very laid back and down to earth."


    Every time you see that line, you better believe the guy will be a douchey drama queen.

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