Really complicated situation with 2 of my best friends?

Right, so I've known these two people ever since like primary. We grew up together with the rest of our friends. Like a year and a half ago they started dating and were in a relatively happy relationship until my friend (we'll call her Jane) started to change and act different. Eventually she became controlling and possessive over (we'll call him Mike) and he broke up with her. Little did he know at the time that her baby sister had died from meningitis. After the break up she really started to lose it and developed an eating disorder. Me and him were hanging out at a party on night (a few months on from this) and ended up kissing. Both feeling terrible from this we tried to avoid each other but we couldn't. He was going through a tough home situation and we met up, ended up kissing again. Just the other day we got together, Jane's been getting treatment for her illness for a month or so now, but we don't know how to break the situation to her. We really don't want to hurt her but the feelings we have for each other are real and we can't ignore them. What should we do? Should we hide it from her or tell her? How should we tell her?


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  • "Should we hide it from her or tell her?"

    Why do you need to do either?

    Just do your own thing, and she'll figure it out when she figures it out.

  • i think you need to be prepared to lose her friendship either way. out of respect i would tell her.

    • I really hope it doesn't come down to that... She's very important to me. They both are.

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    • Do you think she will want to end the friendship?

    • depends how much she loved him

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