What parents make children selfish and narcissistic?

I just realized that after 8th grade I became narcisstic until my 20's. My dad left when I was younger and I was with my sister and mom. My mom has always been with my sister and I plus she's a selfless person. She dislikes selfish people and she always used to tell us not to be that way. I'm not like this anymore but before I was especially around 18. I realized I had low self esteem but this guy really liked me so I used him for sex. Once I met another guy that I knew was bad for me I left him. I realized how narcissistic of me that was. I regret treating him so bad. Yet I don't know how I got to that point. My dad has always been a cheater and narcissist too. My mom was the opposite but I changed for some years. Now I have become selfless yet I don't know why I became that way. I have always seen the way my dad is as a bad example.


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  • One of the many reasons, is because you grew up in a single parent home. Lots and lots of studies have been done on how parents affect kids and the worst thing for a child and for society are single parents. One study tried to figure out one commonality of people that go to jail and lo and behold a majority of them had a single parent.

    We don't choose who our parents are or what they do. What we can do, is choose whom to spend our time and lives with as an adult. If you plan on having kids someday I really hope that you are married first and commit to your partner.

    Often I see on this blog, "how do I know this is the right guy?" Well, imagine that your son grew up to be that man would you be proud of him?

    • See I understand what you mean but I have also dated guys that were narcissistic themselves. They were brought up in two parent homes in good communities. The only guy that has ever learned how to be a loving and caring man was the first guy I was with. He was brought up by his dad while his mom left him.

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    • Ultimately, we are discussing human nature--narcissism and self perspiration--we shall never change it but there are certain things that we can do to make humanity and ourselves better. :)

    • Agreed. Stop the cycle.

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