What's wrong with me when it comes dating?

I'm lonely because I haven't been in a relationship in two years. I crave that closeness and intimacy. However, in that relationship, I was significantly abused and traumatized to the point of PTSD. I was 20. It's been a long road, but I recovered. Then, I got hurt again this past February, but recovered much quicker this time around, as the abuse was just mental and emotional. I find myself - FINALLY - respecting myself and cutting guys loose that show significant possessive signs, signs of trying to coerce me into doing things beyond my morals, or signs of not being interested/stringing me along. It seems that's all I've encountered lately, though I know more men are out there! It seems that the more men I meet, the more I realize why I'm single. Then, at the same, it makes me sad that because I'm a lady and trying to stop from being hurt again. Am I not ready, though I think I am? Have I just not met the right man? I've received therapy and it helped a great deal, but I had to stop going.


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  • Just gotta hang in there and keep an open mind. Don't brush anybody off just because they don't immediately meet your notions of the kind of guy you're looking for. Give people time and come to a reasonable conclusion- don't rush anything including your judgment of whether a guy is worth it.


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