I'm kind of making the first move?

So I reached out to this guy who I knew in the past and so far we've been talking throughout the day and yesterday. I can't say for sure I like him but I wanna see where things go and I think he has the potential for me to like him (he's funny, attractive, etc...). I can't tell if he is just nice or if he is thinking I wonder where this could go too. I am dropping hints like "I think we should go out some time" and he said "yea? you would like that?" When I replied with yea, why not? You wouldn't like that? He said he is always down for a nice outing. I mentioned working out and he said I could go with him next time so that he could show me some things there and really talk about what I wanna work on. I reached out to him and he asked what made me do that? I told him some basic answer and said yeah I know it was random. He said "no its cool though. I like the convo." When I asked if he was talking to someone or dating he said he honestly didn't know but clarified that he had been feeling this girl for a while but she switched up all of a sudden so he doesn't think so. I'm glad he didn't say yes but I wanted to hear a definite no. So anyway, are we headed down the right track by just taking it day by day? This is new for me.


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  • Of course, you deserve a definite no. Actually I don't like a relationship you don't know where exactly.
    But he is honest with you, that is a good sign. He doesn't hide.
    Why don't you also go out with different people and see what happens? In the meantime he will decide and you will be sure about your feelings.

    • Ok, thanks.

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    • Good news then :) Wish you luck for both of you! And thanks for Mh :)

    • Thanks and you're welcome.

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