Does a guy ever "really" want to just be friends with a girl he dated?

Note that they weren't friends before. (met through a dating site) As the girl in this situation, you can tell he's still physically attracted to you and there is still chemistry. He also flirts with you still.

Also Note: We dated briefly (a month) lost contact for over a year and he reinitiated contact a month ago. But insists he wants to just be friends….

  • Yes its possible for a guy (former flame) to JUST want to be friends
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  • Nope, he's feeling the situation out
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  • Yeah I don't see why not as long as both parties know where they stand that's for sur.


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  • That is a big fat no. The truth!


What Girls Said 2

  • my boyfriend is friends with his ex's. he doesn't socialize with them outside of school, but theyre still considered friends with one another i think. (he's not really a fan of them but he can get along)

    • In that case I think he's being "friendly" rather than really wanting to cultivate a friendship. In my case, he asks me to hang out not super frequently but when we do we spend 3-4 hours a time with one another..laughing, talking, dreaming etc….

    • yeah in your case it seems like he's interested in being more than friends

  • i dont believe guys and girls can be friends to start with. never mind after dating.