If you haven't texted eachother in like a week...?

...because last time you've texted was pretty awkward like no real conversation just hey how are you, what are you doing. We aren't in a relationship nor are we dating. We just like eachother (I think I like him more than he likes me...I guess I already have a crush on him)
We had a few misunderstandings and I thought that he wouldn't like me anymore I was also thinking that he was just using me..

So, is it a good sign if he suddenly texts me first saying -hey miss you-.

Thank you in advance!


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  • if it's been a week. he's lost interest. you COULD try him but i wouldn't if i were you

    • mmh. Also if he says that he misses me?

    • like i said, you could try him, but i wouldn't

  • Yeah it's a good sign, but you can't just sit on your ass and expect him to do all the work. He's reached out, respond or watch it die.


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  • When did he text you (I mean at what time)?

    • At like 3.30 am
      He always has to work until 1.30 am

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    • Hummm send him an email checking up on him and see how and what he replies...that would be your best bet to assess how he feels about you.

    • he said the he likes me and when we are texting he usually says that he misses me and things like I<3you etc etc.