Maybe I scared him away...I don't know where to go next!?

I went on a date with this guy and all the way up until the date he told me how he couldn't wait to meet me and he enjoyed my personality and getting to know me. Well he lives an hour away so I met him to where he was. It was a real casual date I met all of his friends we all hung out and played pool than me and the boy went into town and ate and bar hopped for a little bit. Throughout the whole night he showed me PDA to the point people complimented us as a dating couple. He gave me compliments and even picked on me a little bit. I made him laugh and vice versa he made me laugh. Well it was getting late and I asked if I could stay the night and he let me sleep in his bed with him. He did try to make a move but I backed away because it was only the first date and I actually liked him. So instead we made out and cuddled the whole night. Well the next morning he did not want me to go so I laid in bed with him for a few. Later on that night he texted me and said how he wished I was there and that he missed me and couldn't wait to see me again. Two days after the date he started calling me his girl and being very flirtatious and I'm definitely interested in him so I chose to keep it cool. Well he backed a way a little bit and then a week later he came back just as strong and saying he wished I was with him. There was also a Friday night, which im assuming he was intoxicated but he called me a few times and I did not answer because I was a sleep but the next morning he acted as if it wasn't a big deal. And apologized for it. Well finally I asked if he could define what was going on here because I'm getting mixed signals and to the day it's been a week and I still haven't gotten a response. So should. I just take it as hey I'm not interested in you or should I reach out to him again? I'm clueless.

Also when I asked what was happening beer due to mixed signals I also stated that he is someone that I am wanting to get to know more. I made it as relatable as possible bc I honestly feel like he was hurt in the past bc he kept talking about loyalty


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  • just wait til he texts back. you said he didn't reply, so let it be. you already did your part texting him. you don't wanna sound clingy don't you?

    just relax. chill. keep yourself busy and don't think too much about it.
    you'll eventually know the answer, whether it's good or bad :) just gotta be prepared!