Does this guy like me or is he playing games?

I've been talking to this guy for about two weeks. We met on plenty of fish his intent online was "wants to find someone to marry" and ultimately yes That's what I want we've snap chatted, talked on the phone, text and we finally met Saturday at a "car show" downtown here. He told me he might have had to work Saturday so i didn't text him before I went downtown which was @ 4:00pm.

I received a text from him saying hey thanks for calling guess you really wanted to see me huh? well ttyl best of luck I thought he had blown me off and he thought I did too. Fast forward I walked blocks down the car show road & finally met him he was really quiet and reserved & I told him hey I saw you back there my phone wouldn't text & froze so I tried to call you he said it was on vibrate we walked around him me a& his friend glennie (who I went to high school with) I asked glennie is he always quiet like this he said yea but I figured maybe now that we met he doesn't like me. I was with my friend and her 2 kids but she stayed behind in a ice cream shop b.c she was tired of holding her son.

I text raymond & said that was awkward he said it was the 1rst time I didn't want to walk way back to my car so I called him and said hey can you drive me to me car he said yea c'mon. Fast forward again I did NOT hear from him Sunday I called him after 2 rings it went to v-mail so I snapchatted and said hey was gonna ask if you wanted to grab a beer he opened it and has been on Facebook but I know he works Im pretty sure im being ignored. Im so use to guys talking to me but They are players about 95% of the time I've been told the more reserved they are the better guys they are & the more talkitive non reserved trying to rush things kind of guy is more than likely a player but I can't tell! My friend with the kids said give him time I said I will I'm being an impatient patty. What is going in here?

he snap chatted me Saturday night but not Sunday or today


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  • Seeing how long this is he's totally playing games.


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