He just wants to make out and all that, I want him to be interested in more than just this?

Okay so this hot guy who's 4 years older than me is totally attracted to my appearances, we were about to make out this one time and I stopped it. And we kissed only. He talks to me about sexual things and tells me that I should learn more.. Clearly, I want to makeout with him and have fun and all that. But I don't want him to be just into it for this, I want him to like me for not just my body. How can I do that? Any tips?

He's considered one of the hottest guys here in my city, so you can't blame me.


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  • If he is unwilling to invest in getting to know you for a reasonable amount of time prior to making sexual advances towards you, sex is likely his primary agenda.

    Now, I know, I know, most guys want sex. The difference is, in many cases, in the sacrifices a guy would make to be with you.

    No sex for now? "No problem", he should say to himself if he really wants to be with you.

    Take things slow, considerably if need be. Don't introduce sex into the equation until he has demonstrated a genuine effort to learn of the things that are important to you, and until you are comfortable that he wants the type of relationship you want.


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  • You can't make him want more than he does. All you can do is ask him and hope he tells you the truth. Then you decide whether to trust him and if so, you roll the dice.

    If you want someone to like you for things that aren't sexual in nature, you'll need to be interesting in ways that aren't sexual. If you are, he may be interested beyond the desire for intimacy.

    Think about it though. Is the desire for intimacy a bad thing just in itself? Does it really need more?

    • I want more. It will make me more comfortable about doing bad things with him. U feel me?

    • Yep. Lining up expectations and needs in a relationship canbe a real challenge but it's one of the main tings you gotta do if it's gonna last at all.

  • He does'nt want you he wants your body actually most of the boys would want that only the kinda guy you wanna find do exist but he's one in a million like me ;D and chances of finding him are very slim that too only if you are super lucky or something like that. That's the truth I know its bitter, but truth always is...

  • He only wants you for your body.


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