Is he going to cheat or just being friendly? Very important, Sorry!

My boyfriend texts other girls and I will admit it bothers me a little but I know I can get over it. But in this case, he is texting a girl whom he was in a past relationship with. In the beginning of our relationship about 7 months ago, I asked him about his exes and he said that they agree that they are not meant to be together because they are more like friends or family even. I read his messages occasionally and yesterday I found a message that stated "HI cutie" and it completely p*ssed me off. I confronted him about it and he said he sent it to her because he thought she would appreciate it unlike me. I told him he had no idea what that would mean to me.. etc.. and he said he never cheated, never will, etc... I know he is not the cheating kind but I also don't think what he is doing is right. But I just wanted some advice on it cause maybe I am over reacting. this is the first time I remember him doing anything like this to her. He says I am too clingy but it is hard not to be when you live with the guy. What should I do to stop be clingy? or Is this relationship not worth it? I am so lost, sorry!


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  • If he's dating you, he should no longer be involved with his ex's period. Maybe as a simple friend, but if he's sending them text's that are clearly flirting, then he's basically showing a lack of respect to you and the relationship itself. He also knows this bothers you, yet he still does it.

    • Yes, and he says he knows it bothers me which is why he does it. I just don't know. Do you think it is a sign that he will cheat? SHould I just leave him or stick around.

      *When I talk to peoplle I always tell them that I never think he woud cheat but when I read messages like that it bothers me. I know he doesn't exactly have time to cheat.. I live with him.. but I don't wanna be with him if he wants to cheat either. I don't know?

    • Oh wow you live with him? Well true he might not be cheating, but that doesn't mean he should do something like that. It's not right. I think you should ask him to stop. How would he like it if you texted your ex's with "Hi handsome". The fact is, I think he text's these ex's of his cause he feels trapped, and the thrill of talking to someone else kinda excites him.

      On the other and he might just be overly friendly, and you should ask him to tone it down. I think you deserve that much.

    • Yeah I live with him. So what should I do if he feels trapped? how can I give him space if we live together?

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  • He might be overly friendly. Or he gets a thrill out of talking to other girls. He has his reasons for being with you and not the other girl. Letting him have a boys night would surly give him the fealing of not being traped. While he has his boys night have a girls night that way you get out too, and your not thinking about what he is doing the whole time. But in any case he shouldn't be texting his ex like that. Confront him again and be straightforward. Tell him you don't like it at all and it bothers you alot. Tell him exactly what LittleTad said. That he is not respecting you or the relationship. Remember to be direct and firm show him you are being serious.

    • Ok.... I did that last night and he said he would stop. but now he is p*ssed at me and said that I am over reacting

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    • Things seem to be much better now between us. He still talks to her.. but I haven't noticed any weird things being said so I think he is feeling trapped because he calls me clingy alot... which is not good. so I am trying to not be clingy and trying to stay strong and get over jealousy issues... people always say "if he is going to cheat.. then he is going to cheat, you can't stop by knowing it..".... so lets just hope he really does love me and I am enough for him!

    • Well its good things are getting better. If he keeps calling you clingy he probly does feal that way just give him space. That's about all I can say about being clingy. Being jealous is a way to show you care but it also shows that you are thinking of him as "yours" like no one else can have him or look at him. A way to get over jealousy would be to think. He is with me and not them. He oviously cares about you or he wouldn't be their for you or with you. Have faith in him. Not all men that cheat