Having some major girl trouble please help?

I met this girl at work, we became really close friends. She has a boyfriend. When I first got her number she entered her name as "my princess :)" so I took it as a sign of interest.

We texted everyday, we saw each other everyday. I started really liking this girl so I expressed how I felt about her, and she pretty much avoided it. Thats happened about twice now. She has admitted to liking me but she loves her boyfriend. She gives me major indications she likes me. Weve madeout multiple times and weve had sex once. she's a huge flirt but it tends to be a little. More different towards me, she has no problem coming over alone, we make very good eye contact, she will touch me very seductively when others its just a normal flirty touch.

Anyway, I've pretty much moved on from this chick but I still kinda like her. Lately, I haven't been giving her much of my attention so she's kinda acting bitchy towards me, She'll flirt with my bestfriends right in front of me to piss me off, and purposely avoid me or do stupid shit. Basically, I'm just looking to bang this girl when. I get my chances.. When I have her over sometimes shell politely reject my kiss by giggling and pushing me away and Other times shell accept it. Please dont tell me its morally wrong to cheat, and yes I know if we ever got into a serious relationship shed probably cheat on me, so dont tell me that either.


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  • Okay. So what are you asking here?

  • The ice cream.


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