Girls: Current BF or husband an upgrade over the Last one?

Hi Girls,

Is your current Boyfriend or Husband an upgrade over the last one?

Or, if you are currently single, do you expect your next Boyfriend or husband to be an upgrade over the last one?

Please feel free to click below if your Current BF or husband Upgrade meets the following criteria.

  • My current BF or Husband is Better Looking than the last one
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  • My current BF or Husband Treats me better
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  • My current BF or Husband is better in bed
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  • My current BF or Husband is more financially successful
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Most Helpful Girl

  • All 3 except better looking. I think.

    • Why not better looking too? That sounds like to are just settling. Don't you want every boyfriend to be an improvement over the last one in all areas?

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    • But you do think your current BF is an upgrade over your Ex, right?

    • Well yeah my ex was a liar, and broke as shit.

      I'm not shallow. Looks don't matter in the end; they fade and if all you're left with is a broke rude loser then you clearly didn't make the right decision.

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  • I expect my bf/future husband to be nothing like my ex. That's why he became my ex, right? He needs to be an upgrade in general.

  • Oh, I definitely expect my next boyfriend to be a significant upgrade hahaha

  • I'm currently single. So, yes.

  • My current boyfriend is better looking than my last boyfriend, and we definitely have far better chemistry.

    My ex was better off financially though.

    They both treat (ed) me wonderfully.

  • Anything is better than the guys I deal with


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