2nd Try with an Ex GF? how bad could it be haha?

for real. I intent to get a girl back that broke up with me like 6 months ago cause I told her I loved her. I think she did all to keep me away from her cause she seemed emotionaly hurt even if she said her heart is cold and all stuff that hurt girls say.. bla bla. I still think that I need her and she's one of 2 girls I ever imagined being old with. (the first one is married right now). I got lots of attraction on her at first but I'm not here to make big story (she told me she needs space, 6 months is more than enough I think). so how many girls would take a guy back that chases after you after you broke up with him?

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  • if i broke up with you in the first place, it was probably for a good reason. if its that i wasn't ready for a relationship yet, then i might get back with you.

    • thx. my heart is just talking bullshit. I van feel its wrong to go back and get rejected again.

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