Is he interested in me? make first online date, the guy asked me out but text less?

I made my first online date yesterday, the guy lived in same area with me, although he messaged me less, I guess every 2-3 days, after 2 weeks, he asked me out, I thought we live so close, it is easy to have a face-to-face chat. we had a dinner in 3rd weekend, he is really shy guy but honest and nice, listened what i was talking, he asked my plan after dinner, if I want to hangout in the park or drive to city, it is pity I have to work next day it is a little late at that time, there were no other places to go, then we had to end the date, he asked next date.

he messaged me when we went home, said I looked like nervous in the beginning, whether cause it was online date or just about him, he told me he just thought of as meeting a friend, he told me his plan, when he will be back , want next date in a few days.

I am so confused now, he mentioned he thought this as meet a friend, and also he is really active in social network, facebook, but he messaged less, even we do not have a call, although he actively ask me out, what does he mean, is he interested in me, or just exactly like what he has said, he just want to make a new friend?

I am totally ok to only make a new friend, let it be, will see how our relationship develop , but curious want to know what he is thinking, do not get misunderstood, go a wrong way in next date.

he told me he usually not messaged online, he had a online date before, the girl is his college's classmates, so I guess why he said it is like hang out with friends, but really doubt, the guy in date site just want to make friends? or excuse?


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  • A guy doesn't need an another friend, especially girl. Online chatting and then seeing each other could be difficult to relate them. Give yourself and to him some time. In the meantime, if he wants to talk or chat or date, do it. The important thing is both of you need to relax and for man it takes time.

    • yea, that's what I am thinking, I do not want to be aggressive, if he want to call, chat or date out, I am in, but I do not want to be the one who make offer first. only thing I can do just wait for him contact, i showed interest for next date, and repeated his words, 'I felt like hanging out with friend', is it not good move?

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    • You are welcome :) Good luck :)

    • Thanks for MH :) And good luck!

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  • Maybe he thinks you only want to be friends thats why he's not making any moves but also he might just want to be your friend, I doubt it though cuz he's meeting you on dates and all

    • no really, but we knew each other in online date site, he is willing to ask date , it is a good sign but he text less, even in first date, he looks a little shy, it is me to open the topics, though he asked lots questions about myself in the dinner.
      the reason I am asking here is he cared if i stay in the same place with him in future, we had eye contact 1/2 times, I was surprised he wanted to continue dating after dinner cuz it wasnot scheduled ahead. all above seems so weird, I could't understand if he is interested in me, if not why asking me next date, if he does, why not call me or text me when he is not around.
      I guess I would lose interest if he did not make frequent contact, you r dude, do you know what he is thinking

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