Do you think he's like me and he's just shy?

There's this guy I find cute. Sometimes I hear him and his friends talk about me (they'll shout my name in class), they'll all look at me, and one of them even came up to me and asked for my number so they could give it to him but I said no because I wanted him to ask me himself. One of them asked my friend if I liked him, to which she responded she didn't know. I notice he's always around me too, though we've never spoken, he just stares at me and he now is friends with one of my guy friends.
The thing that throws me off is one of my friends told him I liked him, and he already knew. My friend asked if he liked anyone and he said no. So if he doesn't like me, why does he talk about me and stare at me? My friends notice it too. How do I make a move?


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  • He's just shy. That's the reason. He's shy and probably a little immature as well. I've been the situation where I have no idea what to do when a girl liked me and was terrified at what could happen next. If you really like him, then perhaps think of making a move. You could talk to him, and if things go well either ask for his number or playfully tease him by asking why he hasn't asked for your number. Good luck!


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