What does it mean when the friends of the guy who I'm just starting to date ask me a ton of personal questions?

I just started to date this new, awesome, shy guy. He's introverted and shy with strangers. However, he is pretty relaxed and outgoing with his close friends. He invited me to meet some of his friends over drinks yesterday. One of his friends (older woman, wife of his close friend) kind of took me aside and asked me a TON of personal questions. It was a bit weird. How old are you? Where did you go to college? When did you move here? What do you do? How did you meet him? Like holy cow! He invited a lot of his friends to a restaurant for drinks at the bar. Maybe 70% of the people in attendance knew each other, but he also invited some new friends. I have no idea if he told any of them that we are dating. This was a very causal thing. We have been on 3 one-on-one official dates and lots of hangouts on the side (happy hour, etc). We are taking things a bit slow cuz he's shy. I do not know if this woman knew about us or not, but holy cow I felt like the CIA was interrogating me. I'm in my late 20s. I felt weird being asked my age straight up by an older woman who had just said in conversation 20 min prior that she's not telling us her own age. Like she fired questions like an automatic machine gun at me. Is this because he most likely told her about me?


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  • First of all... i WISH A GROUP OF FRIENDS WOULLLLLLDDDD... They would be mistaken if they thought they will know who they were dealing with lmao..hAhA... I do NOT reveal too much to strangers so they would know my favorite color and that's about it... I do not owe perfect strangers any other info about me and if they think I'm not good enough for their friend... OH WELL! I know my intentions are pure so if they don't.. too fckin bad I guess. Time for me to move on to a less protected person? lol.. like i got time fo dis sht..

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