Interested online date, first phone convo quickly ends. Call her back?

Hey all,

So after a couple of back and forth messages on an online dating site, this girl says she would love to go out with me sometime (and that I'd be someone she'd have a lot of fun going out with) and gives me her number. Since I don't check the site every day, I gave her a call about four days after the date of her message to ask her out for a specific day and time, as one should.

She picks up, and after the usual quick "how are you etc." I ask her how her weekend was. She quickly replies with no answer other than "hey can I call you back I'm just in the middle of something". I regrettably say sure, instead of asking when would be a good time to call back, since her answer caught me off guard.

So my question is: should I cut this girl loose or give her a call back in a few days? I know that girls don't usually call back when they say this and I don't call a girl again if something like this occurs, which isn't often. I'm only considering it in this case given the correspondence before and her use of "would love to...".

Thanks in advance!


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  • At that point I'd probably just let her call you back if she said she would. And if you really felt like there could have been something there, then just go for it and it give it one more shot. Worst thing that happens is she doesn't pick up or respond.


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  • If i am interested i call back, so let it go, if she doesn't


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  • 1. Just wait a bit longer.
    2. Strong username
    3. Do you have a Corvette

    • 3. Don't have a Corvette unfortunately. But the new Z06 is beyond ridiculous, GM did a great job with it IMO. You?

    • It will be my next car for sure. Almost bought a 2012 Grand Sport last year :)