Why is it when it comes to dating that older is considered a bad thing and not based on who they are?

As the title goes. Why is it when it comes to dating older is older considered a bad thing and not based on who the person is if that person is a good kind caring person?

Many will say it's because the older person is more experienced. But what does more experienced mean?

Many will say the older person is only out for one thing. But what is that one thing the older person is out for?

And many will say a older person will ruin a younger persons life. But how?

And while many say a older person would ruin a younger person's life, what about the younger person dating younger and the younger ruining the younger person's life? Is there a difference or does it make it better when a younger date ruins their life and not a older person?

And many will compare a younger person having to take care of a older person because they will be old. But why would the younger person be obligated to take care of someone just because they dated them?

This is especially true when it comes to the opposite sex. How is it that a guy could be obligated to go off and die for his country at 18 years years old. But when it comes to a 18 year old girl simply dating a older person the older person isn't a acceptable date because it would ruin her life? Although the opposite seems to be true for Cougars.

Everything seems to tip in favor of girls. Is it because guys are generally less valued in society?

Unless you vote with a honest opinion there truth will never be known.

In your honest opinion. Are men less valued in society yes or no?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I haven't really seen this be an issue. I'm 24 and my boyfriend is 33. If anything, we've both made each other's lives a lot better, and have a great life together. My family approves of him, we have plenty of friends in common. I don't really notice our age difference very much.


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  • I haven't heard anything about an older guy ruining a young girl's life or being after only one thing. Many girls like dating older men because, in my mom's words, they're "already trained." She married a guy 8 years older than her.

    All I can say is girls have their preferences. While some do prefer older men, many prefer guys their own age.

  • Depends on the age difference. If you are over 45 (like it says) and you are into girls in their 20's or 30's...then that is a tad far fetched. And let's be honest-when a really young girl dates a much older men she is doing 99% of the time for security. Namely financial. But us older women? They just think we are better in bed. So if we are hot and older-we are a wanted commodity to some younger guys.

    • Far fetched to some but still what makes the numbers wrong or bad? What makes the person a bad person because they are older?

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    • I am going off of what younger women have told me that date older men. Very rarely is it about sexual experience. They can get that from men their own age. $$. Sorry. Came straight from a 25 year old dating a 40 something man.

    • So basically they are materialistic gold diggers with their attraction to older men?

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  • A lot of women want an older guy or attracted to them cause they think older men are more mature.