Question for the guys when it comes to opposite sex?

Does it ever bother you that women and girls don't have to do much to get noticed? In other words she just has to look approachable and guys will come. But if your a guy you have to have a good job, nice car be over 6ft tall etc to even get noticed. I'll admit I check out a lot of female profiles and a lot say In a Relationship and I say to myself yeah what a shocker like she had to do anything to get noticed. I'm starting to feel more and more awful being a guy because society puts so much pressure on us to be the ''ALPHA MALE''. And who came up with that anyways? And what about Its the guys job to approach? That's another thing I hate. Women are brainwashed by the media into thinking they can't approach. Yes I know some women approach but not as often as men. All I'm saying is I don't think females know how easy or how lucky they have it when it comes to dating. That's probably the reasons why some guys grow up to be bitter hateful, women haters or worse criminals.

  • I agree I don't think girls know how lucky they have it when it comes to dating.
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  • I completely and totally disagree.

    Imagine being a woman in a world where almost everything SEEMINGLY comes down to looks. When you live in that world, you have to make a lot of determinations about the men that chase you:

    -Are they just in it because they think I'm hot?
    -Are they just trying to score some easy ass, and they don't even care what I look like, let alone care about me as a human being?
    -Are they really interested in me as a person? And if they do care about me as a person, are they just settling for me and they don't actually think I'm hot?

    And then consider the apparent plight of women that are deemed physically undesirable by general societal standards.

    Can you imagine what it would be like to have most (and according to SOME people, ALL) of your worth tied to something that you have ZERO control over? That must be fucking terrible.

    So no, I do not think that women have it easier as it relates to dating. In fact, I'd say that we men have it better, as we have societal permission to chase whomever we want whenever we want to. Even though we don't get every girl that we want, at least we're allowed to pursue them freely and unabashedly.

    If a woman pursues a man she's often seen as pushy, overzealous, easy, slutty, too masculine, or she might be seen as an undesirable that has had to take matters into her own hands. That does not sound like an enviable place to be in.

    • What a shocker you disagree. I want an honest answer do you try to score points with the female users on here?

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    • Whatever, man.

      You can try and discredit my opinion however you see fit. If you decide that the best way to do this is to tell yourself that I'm just trying to "score points with the female users on here", then you can just go right on ahead and tell yourself that.

      I'm not gonna spend any more time responding to this, so if you continue harping on it you'll just be talking to yourself from here on out.

      Best of luck to you. :-)

    • You see you can't even admit what I'm saying is the truth. You are too worried about getting hated on by the female members on here.

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What Girls Said 2

  • As a person who has been single her whole life, I can assure you that I do not feel lucky. I'd rather be judged on the standards men are judged on than purely having to look friendly and pretty all the freaking time. I hate being judged primarily on something that I don't value that highly about myself.

  • Have you any idea how hard it is to go about your normal life trying to look pretty, friendly and approachable and still do your job well. Women aren't as visual so a guy doesn't have to look perfect, and many times women do not care about the guy's car, he just has to be a nice, decent guy with a job who looks average. Also for the approachable idea, women often flirt first to let the guy know they are interested, the guy just has to follow up and ask her out.

    • FYI most guys prefer natural beauty over some dolled up Barbie. I used the car reference as an example because most women/girls would never date a guy with no car he's looked down upon as a loser. Then there's the nice part I disagree 100%. Most if not all females regardless of age find the ''Bad Boy'' type attractive. The truth is they want a bad boy with some nice traits. Then there's the job most females would never date a guy who didn't make a certain amount of money (I'm talking over the age of 25) and last more average females get more dates then the average guy.

What Guys Said 5

  • Think of it as you have the opportunity to select the lovely lady you choose and try and get something going. I really see it as a good thing.

  • Boys think with there eyes girls not so much, also we think about sex more than girls , that's why we are constantly checking out girls it's just the way we are made.

  • Girls do have it verrrrrry easy when it comes to dating. But we've gotta deal with it.

  • They have different monster to deal and guys usually prepare themselves for war but its girls who are the receiving end..

  • Nah no excuses in my opinion, if you really want a girl you will go out of your way anyways.

    • Its not that easy, I can wake up tomorrow and say today's the day I ask a girl out doesn't mean I'm gonna get a yes.