Why do you think as an attractive 20 year old man I might have problems attracting other attractive 20-22 yr old women?

I'm a 20 yr old guy. Have been with older women just notice a trend lately in how girls my age don't seem attracted to guys my age.
Not a douche bag.
Not ugly.
Not creepy.


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  • Maybe you don't seem mature enough for your age?

    • I think I actually find females my age less mature.. As concieded as that sounds I feel like a lot of females my age are preoccupied with materialistic and rather "shallow" aspects of men, ie status>values.

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  • You might have no skills in approaching women your own age?

    How often do you approach a girl? How often do you ask one out? How do they say No, when they do say No? And what percentage of Nos do you get?

    • Maybe its that I rarely approach females my age. lool

    • Yeah I had a hunch it might be something screamingly obvious...