Mixed Signals From My Co-Worker?

So i've been working where I'm at for about 2 years now, and so has this one particular co-worker. We've been friends for a while, until this year. This year my other co-workers started teasing us saying we should get married because we get along so well.

So we always go to lunch together, and before if I went to lunch with someone else he would joke about me ditching him for lunch. He teases me about having no-one to talk to when he is going on vacation and that he is sorry, etc. He has told me a few things about the type of girls he likes, but on the other hand he talks to me about this one girl that he claims to like. He asked me to rate her which i did and was upset with my rating.

He is really protective of me from my other co-workers, and has complained to me about one that harasses me and another that "treats me like I'm his daughter"

Outside of work things are slightly different, I went to one of his baseball games, to which at first he wanted me to go as his girlfriend, but when the day came he told me to forget about it; however, he made it a point to watch me after every inning that and every at-bat, also standing at the side of the dug-out I was near. (which was fine with me that would be a little awkward). He asked me to pick out a shirt for him to buy to wear to a wedding, and also asked me if I wanted to go Tie shopping with him, and grab a bite to eat.

Another occasion is a dance we went to at our church. He is really reserved in public so I wasn't really expecting to dance, but he grabbed my hand and made me dance with him at least 6 out of the 8 dances. 1 of the dances his friend "stole" me and he was telling him off for stealing his "date".

Also he is younger than me by 2 years. I honestly hate trying to decode guys, and the only reason I am asking about this is I've consistently liked this person for at least 5 months now and it is killing me that I can't figure this out.

All help is appreciated.


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  • You both seem like a couple of genuine respectful individuals. I know you like him and it seems like he likes you back. I also know he is throwing mixed signals. How about you throw a couple of mixed signals at him so he knows you find interest in him. Guys worth your while will only pursue a girl that is interested in them. You don't necessarily tell him you like him but it is a plus if you indirectly let him know you do. Most important of all keep the friendship strong and it will last long.


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