Why does he do this after 10 months of dating?

My bf and i have been together for 10 months. He recently just started wanting to check my phone. I haven't given him any reason to not trust me. But since it's been nice out I've been wearing low cut shirts and he will sometimes ask who I'm dressed up for. Another thing is is couple weeks ago we were arguing about how he can be a jerk and sometimes doesn't seem like he wants to be together. But he says he does. And I just told him I'm not gonna keep asking him if he loves me or wants to be with me like I use to because I'm not gonna be the one that keeps making an effort when he should be too. So i don't know if he maybe thinks there is someone else or what. Which there is not. Another thing someone told me is if he starts checking my phone after 10 months of dating when before he had no interest to and said he trusted me. That maybe he was guilty of something he did n wants to make sure I'm not doing the same?


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  • Hmmm...could be a couple of things. In any case, something has triggered this behavior.

    So what could it be?

    Well, it might be that he's been unfaithful or is texting another girl and wants to find something that you are doing so he doesn't feel as bad about it or can use it as a way out of the relationship. Humans (men and women both) are notorious assholes like that. If that's the case, it will manifest itself soon enough.

    It might be that you as a couple have reached that comfortable phase where you're not saying "I love you" as much and you are just generally comfortable toward each other and you're not putting in the relationship effort as much any more. That could be a trigger for him that makes it seem like you don't care or you have someone else you are seeing.

    I think the key here is communication. You should sit down and talk with him about why he's checking your phone and why he feels the way he does. That will solve a lot of your issues or bring things to light very quickly.

    • Like I said above how I'm not putting in as much effort anymore

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  • He's just scared of losing you and is being a little posessive. I think you're just doing what every girl does and thinking of the worst possible thing

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