Friend introducing me to a girl, need advice?


I am 16 years old I met this girl about 2 month ago via Facebook, we moved on to talking on Skype and she was shy to talk and open the camera so most of the time she was typing and I was doing the talking and the video call. We finally went over to phone calls and got to know each other better.

After about 2 weeks of our talking I had asked her out but she had refused saying she doesn't know me yet. As we got to know each other better and got comfortable calling each other nicknames like me calling her kitty she wants to go out with me but wants one of our mutual friends to introduce us, now here is where I need help I am a confident guy but what should I bring up and how do I talk to the girl with my friend with us (he's our mutual), I can easily and comfortably talk with her on the phone but when he is around it won't be so easy as this guy is a close friend of mine but he is also close friend of her brother so I don't think he would let us off alone, I want to know what can I talk with her about without anything getting weird and uncomfortable around the 3 of us?, I want to know good conversation starters and something that I can use to get to know her like what should I ask her about?



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  • I think it's great that you are three people together because if she is shy and don't talk much, she and you have your friend there. Maybe he can tell something about her. You can ask ger stuff. You can discuss a topic. Talk about things you are interested in. You can talk about school, maybe something you two should do once, and you all three talk about it. Later can you two meet again, without that guy. :)

    • Yeah she is shy with me, but the thing is most of the topics I have already talked with her I am eager to get a kiss now. I don't know exactly what to talk at this point.

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