How to proceed when a girl is acting or seems or your just paranoid and think she's being distant?

Ladies how should a guy proceed with caution in this relationship the talking stages you gone to a few movie dates and stuff but your not dating and dont really text. and guys based on your past experiences with girls how do you handle it

PS> why do females act distant for whatever reason list yours?

  • back off let her come to you
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  • move on
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  • act distant
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  • ask her whats wrong
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  • continue pursing her
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  • Why aren't you guys texting...your decision, her decision? Have you made out? Have you become intimate...or is it still in the friend zone?

    • she not that type of girl she's kinda of a introvert i mean we joked about getting married and stuff im 22 she's 19 and i would call her bae and stuff we hung out a few times together as a group thing and i picked her up at her house once, as for being intmate i think that would really scare her of she's kinda the shy type as for texting im always the one texting her and recently her texts has been takingher time getting back to me like hours hours hours.but i could be reading to much into it. last week i asked if she was busy so we could have a little ice cream date and she said okay i also told her i missed my (wife emoji) and she laugh other than that we dont really text, i kinda hate texting and suck at it

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    • Yes. That could be a good idea. This way it will allow her to wonder why she hasn't heard from you in a few weeks.

    • ok i think i'll do that should i avoid her social networks too? like IG and snapchat? she gets on those a lot and checks my stories instagram is kinda strange when she did like my photos she would like more than just a few at a time like 10 or 20+ and shell say just showing love

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  • its really hard to say only u know whats really going on, i think if u want more from her u have to tell her and keep asking her how she feels about u


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  • Throw your hand up in desperation and think why are they all the same