HELP - Boyfriend asks female friend to send him a sex story?

So, I read a text on my bfs phone where he asked one of his friends to send him a sex story. She promised him to do it long before we started to date, and now he wants the story, though she said no because he is in a comitted relationship and she respects that. He said that he is, but when I'm (his gf) not up for it or asleep, he needs to, you know, so he still wanted that story. So, she agreed to send it to him once Im not around. I told him about it and he says it has nothing to do with her, if she'd send him the story, it would be a story about me and him, he only asked her because she's weirdly good at that kind of stuff and blah blah. What should I think? Am I overreacting when I'm mad about it? I feel like I'm not, but he tells me it's not a big deal... On a side note, not sure if relevant, but.. for the last 2-3 months we have not had much sex, not because I'm not up for it, but because he either is not up for it, tired or would rather do something else. Should I be worried?

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  • Should you be worried?
    You need to dump his ass.

    • You really think so? I mean, I love him lots, so I don't think I could do that, but... sigh, I just don't know what to make up of it all.

    • I mean this with all due respect. He doesn't love you and you're an idiot if you stay with him.

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  • A sex story? what on earth would he want a fabricated sex story from whoever? lack of sex? the guy is how old? at that age, and his testosterone, he should be wanting it like 3 times a day? maybe, and i'll say it, your "sex Stories" just arnt the same as the other girls. Maybe it's time for you to move on.

    on a side note, if your curious about something like that, you should come out and ask him! no secrets. should be a simple yes or no answer from him.

  • I do not like the vibe I am receiving from this guy as you have described him. The concept of getting a sex story from another female feels fishy to me. I would tread carefully.


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  • Don't ask him any more about the sex story issue. Whatever the truth, if he knows it's not what you'd like to hear he'll just make up a lie so that would be pretty pointless.

    As for what you should think of him supposedly asking one of his friends to write a sex story including you two, it could be the truth though quite an odd one. Whether it's true or not, it definitely warrants some raised suspicions. Just tell him that you trust him, though still need some time to get your head around it as you don't know what to think of the issue.

    Don't get on his case anymore, and just let the dust settle. Things tend to come out with time if there's something going on so if you care for him stay with him, though keep your eyes open for any more suspicious stuff. Good luck! :)

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