Why is it that a lot of women seem to be attracted to guys with no class?

Not saying they all do but these types of men have no shortages of female attention from what I've seen. What is the appeal? Before you go on any further, I'm not trying to sound like an ass or be judgmental. It's just more or less, objectively, how it is.

Even some of the prettiest, classiest girls settle way below their level of worth and date "dead-end" guys that can sometimes just be flat out dingy and dirty looking. It's really kind of gross. Sorry, but I don't understand it.

Why not a guy that is motivated, takes care of himself, is a gentleman, and that is either on his way, or already works a really good job, above all the typical low wage jobs you can find anywhere?

I know that a lot of women grow into that also where they will end up with a guy like that, but why do they have to "learn" that that's what's best for them? How could you not just want that from the beginning? It's pretty obvious as to who offers the better package, I would think.


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  • A lot of girls date to take away their loneliness and deal with their dependency issues - not because they actually like the guy or see value in who he is - they just want somebody - anybody. Guys do this too but girls do it more often - this is why sometimes losers get away with acting like jerks and still having attractive girlfriends.

    • I can see that I guess, but take this for example. A girl that is comparable to the guys I'm talking about, a "grody" looking girl from a similar background, with little to no manners or social filter to boot. I would find absolutely no enjoyment in being with her.

      Sounds harsh I know, maybe it isn't the most politically correct thing to say, but that's the reality of it, in my shoes. It's just hard to understand why, if you flip it back on girls, why they would do the same thing. I'm lonely too, but I wouldn't just settle for someone like that.

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  • Unlike the other girls and you, I don't think liking a certain type of person is this automatic indicator that someone has personal issues or is desperate. I love grungy men. I like a guy who works with his hands, gets dirty, is beer drinking and curses a lot. I find them honest, fun, easy to understand and not complicated and most importantly simple. I don't feel like I need to be at 100 with a guy like that and that we would share a basic feeling of not caring about what "society" deems appropriate.

    On the flip side I take care of myself and my body. I'm always clean. I'm educated and artistic. I'm not like the type of man I like and I think that is fine. I like MEN, the sort early 20th century idea of what a man is because I think that's attractive and appealing, but mostly the opposite of me--a woman. I'm not into a guy who is into primping and clothing etc. because usually that indicates that he cares too much about what other people think or about status and all the things I don't care about. I want a simple life in a cute house with a man who knows how to take care of it living happily and quietly. I do NOT want someone geared to always show off, to always look good for other people, to constantly desire to acquire more and never be satisfied.

    So there's my perspective.

    • That's interesting no doubt. Because even though a guy might make more money or whatever, it doesn't necessarily make life any more complex. But I can certainly respect your opinion. I just don't see how wanting nicer things and wanting to look good makes someone any "less" of a man. I see your point, but still, a man is a man.

      Thanks for your answer!

    • It's just my view. Caring about looks and material things is feminine to me. Caring about things at all is silly to me and of a mindset I don't vibe with. I want to live off the land as close as possible. My perfect life is working part time at a school with a husband who has his own hands on job but also fishes and hunts for meat while we also have a garden. That type of lifestyle is not on par with wanting "nice things" or to "look good". I'm not saying wear one outfit like a cartoon character and live in a shack. But I'd rather my life's focus be on loving my husband/family and living a peaceful life without stresses. Living a life for those societal gains is really empty to me. I've thought about it a lot because a year ago I wanted nice things and to be dolled up with a suited man. I came to realize I wanted those things because other people did and to get the respect or envy of others. Bad motivations.

  • For some girls, they are attracted to guys who look like that, some believe thats what they deserve because of low self-esteem, and some do it not based on looks but the persons personality or heart. Also, some women do it because they are lonely and any attentsion is better than none. That's why every girl and woman needs to have confidence in themseleves, and love themseleves, and know what they deserve and don't deserve. This goes for men too. :)


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