Sometimes, this is what you get when waiting for the guy you wanted so badly to come around and date you. Becareful what u ask the universe for!?

Ok, so this guy new I liked him. For a long time now.When I approached the guy about my feelings I was rejected originally. However we good remain friends, were also Co workers.Then the guy did something a bit daring and we made out, at a Christmas party. he's saying how sexy he thought i was, and how he feels the same way etc.We never mentioned that night again.I figured if he want me he'll make the move this time. Sense he rejected me originally. He never did, neither did I, to scared of additional pressure. We always shared an unspoken connection I thought, flirty etc. But for the most part we remained professional/friendly. Now down the road I noticed a change in his behavior. He became flirty, staring, touching , sexual innuendos checking me out etc. I've notice a bit of a change. Well, I kind of figured out why it was a slight change, to my surprise he did admit to having feelings, but for whatever reason did not want to act on them. Fine he's unsure, shy, He needs time. Np. Now he made a gesture I thought was romantic..due to both our situations he found a way he and I could be together minus the pressure and people in our own euphoria if you will. A few times a week, both of us are pretty busy, but we made time. Again I liked him. I trusted him. So I hopped on board. I figured out what he's done my heart was all Awwww, ♡ him :). I was happy! !.
Now Reality!
I hear little remarks being said at work by his friends, other coworkers, like key words that would trigger me to think of a time i was with him. I started noticing it more and more with the months passing. I kept quite but observed everything. It was almost as they were right in the room. I would think hmmm what a coincidence his friends bought that up, I was just saying that to so and so last night. wow I guess deep minds do think a like. I'd try to act normal, but I found out he was sharing me with a few of his friends.They seen and heard my most intimate words, he video me for 16 months

What do you say to a guy that you once trusted. He allowed his friends to make derogatory racist comments to me he. He shared my most intimate moments. He says he wanted to help me. He wasn't really attracted to me. This charade went on 1.1/2 years.


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  • that was definitely wrong of him to do- invaded your privacy.

    • He took so much more than that from me. You can't imagine my devastation. He believes he did all that for me!, he gave me a chance. Because truth is he wasn't all that attracted to me in the first place, I tried to tell him if that was the case you didn't have to pretend. I was fine just being your friend. His friends seen everything :*( smh, I really like this one too ya know. It's so fucked up.

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  • Whoa, dude. This is horrible. Omg!
    I would kill him. I'm so sorry you're going through this ordeal.
    He's a scumbag. Smfh :(

  • Wow he's a psycho and so are his friends. You need to seek legal action against all of them. Why would someone do that? some people, i swear... *shakes head* *sigh*.