She doesn't want me to feel jealous?

I met this girl 6 months ago and things are progressing well.

She tells me about guys who are chasing her but would make sure that I don't get the wrong idea about them.

A mutual friend of ours (she doesn't know that I know him) would refer me as her "bf" during their conversations and would happily acknowledge it.

So what is going on? How does she feel about me?


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  • I tell my bf when ever someone is hitting on me. I want him to know that I'm not hiding anything from him (and most of the time we have a laugh about it). Some of the situations could get misconstrued if you found out after the fact or from someone else. Have a discussion with her if hearing about this makes you feel uncomfortable. Another option is that she is trying to show you that she is desirable and others want her, but still saying that she is with you.


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  • Maybe she's playing hard to get.


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