What am I supposed to do about this!?

This guys I have a crush on knows that I like him, and it's a semi-complicated situation. He told a friend of mine that he didn't want/wasn't looking for a relationship before prom, which was about 5 weeks ago. The same friend that told me this, talked to him last week. He asked my crush if he liked anyone, and my crush said that he didn't like anyone at the moment (which in my opinion, him saying he just doesn't like anyone is better then him saying he doesn't want a GF, he's just saying that he doesn't like anyone). My friend then told my crush that I liked him, to which my crush responded with 'Oh, huh'. My crush and I haven't talked, but a few things have happened that make me think he at least knows who I am (prolonged eye contact, staring, etc.). What makes this so confusing is that, even though he said he didn't like anyone, a few days ago during lunch, my friend caught him staring at our table, and when he made eye contact with her he quickly looked away, then according to my friend, looked back at the table, but was staring right at me. I don't know what to do, and I'm confused and embaressed! Someone help please!


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  • Either he's shy? Or just curious as to who 'the girl who has a crush on him looks like'. Don't read into it too much. Just be friendly and confident, go and talk to him, without 'coming onto him'. Just be casual about it. :)


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