Made girlfriend mad, not sure what to do now?

I accused my gf of blocking me on facebook, confessed I used another account to confirm my suspicions, now she's so mad at me she won't even talk to me, It's been 8 days since. She said I have trust issues and that she couldn't believe I did what I did. She said she wanted to deactivate her account. She hasn't responded to me since, tried contacting her 2 times, with no response...what can I do? I wrote her an apology letter along with roses, and I'm going to therapy for my issues and I've deleted Facebook


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  • me and my bf have the best trust, and this seems pretty bad... u should have straight up asked her if she blocked u rather than using a fake account.

    explain to her how u were wrong, what u shoulda done and then if she's like me, shell think about what u said and figure that u have learnt what u did wrong and she won't be mad anymore:)

    • I asked her two times on 2 separate occasions, both times she told me that she didn't block me, I knew the answer, and that's why I finally decided to tell her what I knew...I just had a panic attack realizing that I may never hear her voice again, I may never see her beautiful smile again, I may never feel the warmth of her hugs again, and that I may never taste the sweet candy taste of her kisses again...I really felt like suicide...

    • I just want to fix this...but there's nothing I can do...I'm trying to give her space by not constantly trying to contact her, but the fact that I can get to where she is, I have her home phone number and I know where she works, and yet I can't go and see her because I don't want to cause a scene, and also because I know her family and the people at work...

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  • Why did she block you in the first place?

    • I don't know

    • It just seems weird that she would block you out of nowhere and then gets mad at you for wondering about it without even explaining.

    • Her explanation when I first asked her was that she was deactivating her account because she was going through a lot in her life and wanted to take a rest from it, the second time I asked her, she said she's going to delete facebook, the 3rd time, when I confronted her, she said she told me that she was just reactivating her Facebook to play her games. It doesn't really matter, there's nothing I can do, I just want to see her beautiful smile again, feel her calming warm hugs, hear her angelic voice, and taste her sweet lips...that's all I want...but yeah...

  • tell her she's right, then make her feel guilty.
    seriously tell her she was right what you did was wrong and that you just felt like something was wrong. and she might have been upset with you, and you wanted to know for certain and didn't know how to ask her. then whatever she says after agree with her. just agree. and say im sorry then aggre some more

    • I don't want to make her feel guilty, I have told her she's right and that I was wrong, I have also apologized...

    • then do something cheesey and corny. get what ever memorabilias you have with her (movie tickets photos, old straw you shared on your first date) put it in a frame like a scrapbook with only one page, and give it too her

    • I went to every single place we've been to and collected something from each place and made a little booklet, and gave that to her too...

  • You do not have issues, its normal to get jealous. Anyway it seems like she is trying to hode something for you, cause she freaked out that much. You have said your sorry, now just ignore here back. She's the one beeing a kid about this, some girls are just super over dramatic.

    • Should I just write her a letter to tell her that I still want to work this out, I will continue to go to therapy and get my life together and that I'll be ready when she decides she's ready to talk to me?

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  • Why would she block you? She is blocking you now that you're really trying to get her attention.

    Facebook is not a replacement for voice and in person communication.

    She may need 3 to 4 weeks. Just don't overdue it and focus on what you felt you did wrong and fix that...without her approval as your reason to change.

    • She blocked me but still communicated with me through other mediums, ie phone, in person, text, etc. I asked her about it on 2 separate ocassions, and on the 3rd I just confessed I knew and that I want to move on from this, initially I was confused and upset, but she has a lot going on in her life right now. When I texted her and confesed what I did I wasn't mad, I just wanted to move past it.

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