Is he just using me or is he really interested?

Im talking to this guy, have been for two days. we have kinda been sexting, and i found out he lives near me. he wants to meet up, but he keeps suddenly not responding and won't until the next morning. Is he just using me or does he really want to meet up?

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  • I doubt that he's interested in having a long term relationship with you. When you introduce sex shortly after meeting a man, you have basically told him that you're a slut and he could do better. At this point, I think he's trying to figure out whether you're too nasty to fuck in real life or whether it should be kept to the disease-free medium of text. In any case, you're likely nothing more than a pump-n-dump. You would do well to forget this guy and pursue a different one without making the same mistake.

    (It's not my intention to be rude here. I'm just being brutally honest with you.)


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  • A

    He has a sexting network that includes you
    He broadcasts that he wants to meet up
    then meets the first one that responds
    and become incommunicado until next morning (he's busy!)

    You can become the next notch on his bedpost if you respond more quickly to his next "meet up"

    Sounds attractive?

  • Do you really sext people you've never met?


What Girls Said 1

  • He's as inerested in you as a lion is to it's meal.
    First of all, chill the fuck out its been 2 days. Not only that but you're sexting. He knows virtually nothing nothing about you to make him care about you as a person and there's a 99.9999999% chance he NEVER will. So you can crush any cute little love stories because it simply won't happen. The most he will get to thinking highly of you is if he's glad you're not a man when he meets up with you and even then you never really know. Also, don't expect to see him again if you do bring up any feelings you might have.