Can someone give me some advice about relationships?

Okay so, truly, I feel utterly alone. Yes I have friends but it is not the same as some type of relationship. Sometimes, I feel ugy because no guy, that I know of, likes me. Is it because of my hair? Because I am African American and natural, so it usually is a fro or a fro related hairstyle. Or is it like another reason? Guys...honestly would you date an AA with natural (kinky) hair? Please give your honest opinions. Lol.


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  • You shouldn't really care about your hair, because if the guy doesn't accept you for your hair, then they're not worth your time, if it's something that really bothers you, just straighten it. But if it's how you feel most comfortable then leave it be. Trust me, being in a relationship and showing your true self is much less stressful and enjoyable, than pretending to be something you're not, only to show your true self later and wonder why your partner is upset. It would be like if a guy pretends to be nice and only love you for you, and then once you're married or more serious, he turns out to be abusive and doesn't give 2 sh! ts about you.

    • Thanks (: would I exactly go about getting a boyfriend? Because I mean, yo get wha I am trying to ask. Lol

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    • Okay, thanks (:

    • This is just one option, not the only option haha, but I wish you nothing but the best, you will find that someone, I never believed I would either.

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  • Don't even worry about that just be yourself and get out there and socialise with heaps of people. It will grow your confidence and the relationship will come as a result

    • Thanks but I am too...paranoid to socialize. Lol. Because when I am around too many people or even a guy that I may have liked, I feel like his/their eyes are judging me. So what would I do about that?

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    • Yes can happen, pretty easy to get hard just from vibrations when driving a car, bur usually if you're bouncing on a guys lap he will at least get semi hard

    • Okay, thanks for tell me (:

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